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A web service that allows students to submit questions in order to receive answers to school related subjects. The purpose is to support students by enriching them with content - it is all about teaching and spreading knowledge.


At present, the mainstream method in Japan for junior and senior high-school students is to get taught by school teachers one-sidedly.


However, this method of education is said to be inefficient and of poor study quality because it is passive. Therefore, we thought about an idea on how to let students study actively. In KAKI +, students submit questions and answers to each other. This enhances the quality of learning and leads to mutual efficiency enhancement.

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From typing to writing

Instead of typing on a keyboard, write on the screen as if you were writing on paper, thereby you can expand the scope of your work.

Connect the points

Eliminate gaps between other subjects, search in a flat state, and visualize connections with other subjects for deeper understanding.

KAKI+ Movie

KAKI+ Movie

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