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SUGAR network

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SUGAR is a global network that brings together students, universities and companies for the future of innovation through a new learning experience. SUGAR network facilitates human-centered design to young minds.


Our challenge was based on finding new applications and relative services for the innovative Poggipolini’s product SENS-IN bolt. SENS-IN® bolt can intercept physical phenomena such us thermic variations and vibrations and can correlate all the parameter collected through its sensors in order to provide complex information such as the thermic mapping of the mechanical system in which they are introduced.



Our solution consists of a service that improves the efficiency and precision with which maintenance is carried out, by placing the sens-in bolts in the critical points of a roller coaster. The sens-in bolts are supported by software that

1. is able to constantly monitor the status of critical bolts in the roller coaster, thanks to the data sent by the sens-in bolts to a unique software

2. simplifies the reporting, using data collected by the sens-in bolts.

Poggipolini Digital Movie

Poggipolini Digital Movie

“SUGAR” is a global network that brings together multidisciplinary students from different universities in the world and challenges them to solve real world product development challenges.

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