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The mouth of the piggy bank is as if to say, "Put money in."


A work in collaboration with a traditional tile studio in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is a place where the traditional craft industry with a long history has developed.

However, in recent years, traditional industries in Kyoto have faced difficulties to survive due to reduced needs and labor shortages.

Therefore, by using recent technologies such as digital fabrication, it is expected that new products can be proposed and new needs are created.


By using a 3D printer to make molds, certain expressions are enabled that were not possible before. For example, the sphere of this piggy bank is a shape realized only by using a 3D printer. Originally, molds are created by craftsmen. Back then, it was almost impossible to make a sphere mold because the mold would be distorted unless a perfect sphere was made. However, by using a 3D printer, it was possible to produce a mold with an accurate shape, and to expand the range of expression.



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